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King Arol and his men were travelling to the north to the city of Snowrock but they got ambushed by orc pack.
Soldier 1:"Oh god,whats that smell?"
Soldier 2:"Did you hear that noice?"
[Little moment of silence]
King Arol :"AMBUSH!"
Commander :"To the battle formations!"
Built for Legends of Brickdom - Dawn of Legends
I tried to take good picture but,well its fine imo.

More details:

When I started to build this moc,
I first thought as it will be american revelation themed,
before I had the rocks done.
After I finished rocks and path and I started to add plants I realized as it fits better for medieval theme.
Other views (I was too lazy to edit background..)

View from other side,also creepy man inside the tree stump is showing. ;D
Better view to see some rockwork and fire spell.
Here we can see what scared the horse,3 dirty orcs. ;)
Back of the build,not much details,flowers,couple trees,more orcs..
Then the last shot,which filled with action and its actually my favorite.
King Arol is testing his steel with orc general and Amrothian commander is burning down an orc archer.
Both axes are my custom desings. :)
Also link to brickshelf folder to see images better :)
I´m done with this one,I already have couple vignettes ready and waiting for editing. :)


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