keskiviikko 8. toukokuuta 2013

Moc: Battle of Amroth

This creation was collaboration moc which I made with my good friend, Panzy Boe.
Following moc was shown in finnish Model expo 2013 event in Helsinki.
Visitors completely loved our build and everybody were asking that how did we got so much soldiers and other usual parts!
(Even Panzy´s mother came to take a look of our moc, twice!)
Our moc has already been blogged in The Brothers Brick and iBrick.

Picture is edited by Julandrius.
Picture from the display,before the most of the audience came in.
Towers were actually opened at the display to show the interior for the audience,
but Panzy wanted to take a pictures when they were closed.

Building a collaboration build:

I started the project in November 2012.
Back then i decided to build my first actual LEGO castle,
well i didn´t had any kind of plan or drawings when I started the project.

First of all,i made some of the grass area and then i decided to do a bear,
which turned out quite well.

I stated to work with the wall section and placed tower right over the bear´s cave. Heh..
At this point project froze for couple of months and I started to work with it again at end of February when people in my LUG "Palikkatakomo" were asking me to take it to Model Expo.

It was sometime in beginning of March when Panzy was asking me to make collaboration build with him.
I took the second baseplate and started to build so good as I could.

Panzy built his part quite fast and we were communicating a lot in Skype.

And as always he made some neat details. :)

Last picture from Panzy before the event..

And last picture from me before the event,I had a little hurry. :P

Detail pictures from the creation:

That´s all for this creation! :)

Pictures by:
Panzy Boe
Me (Finland Brick)
Mikko Kortelainen

maanantai 6. toukokuuta 2013

Moc: Conquest of the paradise

This moc took me couple nights to build.
At first point, I was planning something way more different, but it just turned like this..


The taking and settlement of New Caer-Holm (old English for Fortified Island).

"Eldrich Strongbow and his trusty men rowed as fast as they could.
 They had to make the shore before dawn, 
or else their presense would be noted by the elusive Outlaw Lord Branthos Brigatine and his unlawful men.
 As they rowed as fast as they could Eldrich passed a few words of encouragement:
 "Come on lads, we can do this...and we will, just a few more strokes"
 As they crashed upon the shore Eldrich gave out a thunderous challenging roar and pitched at the top of his lungs:

Closer shot.

All credit for the story goes to Mattiusxavier.

Built for Legends of Brickdom - Dawn of Legends
Adventurer´s Guild challange (AD1) : Fresh land