maanantai 6. toukokuuta 2013

Moc: Conquest of the paradise

This moc took me couple nights to build.
At first point, I was planning something way more different, but it just turned like this..


The taking and settlement of New Caer-Holm (old English for Fortified Island).

"Eldrich Strongbow and his trusty men rowed as fast as they could.
 They had to make the shore before dawn, 
or else their presense would be noted by the elusive Outlaw Lord Branthos Brigatine and his unlawful men.
 As they rowed as fast as they could Eldrich passed a few words of encouragement:
 "Come on lads, we can do this...and we will, just a few more strokes"
 As they crashed upon the shore Eldrich gave out a thunderous challenging roar and pitched at the top of his lungs:

Closer shot.

All credit for the story goes to Mattiusxavier.

Built for Legends of Brickdom - Dawn of Legends
Adventurer´s Guild challange (AD1) : Fresh land

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